PLC Training Box

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PLC Training Box 

Features Include: 
-HMI Screen
-Removable wiring (for Circuit Training) 
-Built in Hard Carry Case (Great for Shipping and any portable needs) 
-Alan Bradley Micro 820 Programmable 
-Power Supply 
-Connectivity to several Montana Control's PLC Training Boxes 
-2 Current Analog Inputs
-Power Switch 
-Pressure Transmitter with squeeze pump
-Pressure Gauge
-Audible Alarm
-Start / Stop Combo
-Red, Amber and Green Pilot Lights
-Push button
-Normally Closed Switch
-Normally Open Switch 
-Motor Starter Coil, Aux Contact and Overload Contact
-Relay Outputs 
-Digital Inputs


1)  Computer with Software:
(Computer will connect with Ethernet and has power plug in PLC Training Box.)


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